Wednesday, November 16, 2011

thanksgiving and christmas is coming and i pray for the best one ever

I love the holidays,it will be christmas at my sister terris home again i look forward to it every year.she makes wonderful food and her 4 girls are the best nieces i could ask for .i hope to get my brothers kennie and bill to come too this year,i have little money this year but im going to still do what i can.just bieng of sound mine will be a gift for me,last year i missed thanksgiving i was out of it for a couple weeks a frietening bipolar episode.i pray lord for no more of on all my meds now so im feeling much safer now.getting good sleep is my gift .i hope to make candy ,peanut butter balls.they all like do my family.i make a good jambalaya and gumbo too so ill do that some time soon too for anthony at least i love my husband and boys brandon and bobby.bobby is now out on his own and happy.brandon is struggling to get work i pray lord he finds a happy life for himself .happy holidays to all my online friends here is a painting for you,love gina