Thursday, October 28, 2010

53 more atcs to finish

                                          i gold foiled orange paper from top layer of matboard.
                                           cut and glued free hand cut petals and leaves. this is another journal cover
                                               a zentangled egg with black sharpie
                                               my palm landscape i lik to paint scenes like this
                                       anthony took me to ben franklins and michaels.this is  my little turkey kaliedoscope
                                       i got a robert simmons paint brush for 2.99 and 100 bags for my atcs to go in
                                              this is my water can for painting .covered with my favorite scrapbooking
                                              paper.i have a magnet on the back .below are my magnet boards i have to design magnets for them

                                         we are supposed to make faces egg shaped i used a round cream cheese lid for my face  i like the way she turned out
                                          i won a paper collection from alesia fowler  and a bracelet from candace from utah  on cool 2 lucky week
 these are some of my many atcs ready to mail out as soon as i find friends to send them too
i started a couple months ago making artists trading cards so far i have only had 2 trades and a few i have mailed to my friends online suzi blu and maria nerius.i also sent some to a mini book artist i love laura denison ,her sweet daughter has been sick .i want to share my little works of art .they are fun to do but are time consuming because i cut a bunch at one i have a hundred or so now.53 left  to paint i do front and backs . my own deck of cards .oh that just gave me a great idea i can make decks of cards print them on im happy to see people are coming to visit me here i hope to make this a fun community where we can share together what we like to do .any ideas?here is what i did this week. love gina  i want to tade with any one who wants to .just leave me your address ok