Friday, October 22, 2010

every picture tells a story

                                               mark spaces for hole with black sharpie
                                           sew with strong thread
                                                glue matboard to front and back

 deacorate front  with stencils  or decoupage papers or like me draw on cds with sharpies
                                                 i like dimensional pastes for my stencils
i have spent so many years working hard on making my art,i enjoy it so much .i do not do it for the money just the love of the arts so im not under any pressure ,i do how ever want to make my living at it and write a book so i am finally documenting it,i want to write an art /life book .i saw one of winston churchills  at my library and i wanted to make mine like that.i am not famous at all like he was but do feel i could help people in some ways with my story and work ,love gina.i made an art journal today i started at 9:45 am and finshed at is made with matboard and white cardstock paper from walmart.its only 5.48 for 150 sheets.i took step by step photos.its not perfect i would get a c if i were in school .i am happy with it any ways.