Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a wise doctor

    when i was 12 and asked jesus into my heart i asked him to guide me through  my life to do the right things. l.i have prayed  to him every since.i have been through many hardships and have been poor and yet i still believe i am rich because my gifts of art comes to me when i am was not until i was still  and by myself  at night when everyone was asleep that it would come to me this burning desire to create art/i love listening to deepak and eckhart.i want to use my gifts to serve others i do not know how that will work when i am home  all the time.we shall see.

ginas fall photography

october 19th last year i was in the  hospital very sick .thank god i get to recover from the  illness .it came out of no where as it always does,no stopping it.i am happy to say i am  doing very well now..i am enjoying my social networking friends in the art and craft is where i feel the best.i love my connections with mother nature ,here are a couple lake stevens fall trees