Friday, September 17, 2010

why do we do blogs that no one sees?

why do we create art and just leave it at home .   as an artist  i find it difficult to get out  what i want to say and do.i want an active life yet every day i stay at home creating my art.i have practiced for 15 wont be until i reach out to someone the right one .i need some one to love my work as much as i do .some one who believes in me .i have been online for a while now and have made friends on facebook but that is not  what i need,what i need is well i think i dont need any thing exept better health and someone to buy art that i make so it can go on walls of homes  to make them just rambling that is why i write.if i ever want that book deal i better get cracking at the writing part. sure wish id taken typing in school this takes me forever i type with 2 index fingers .happy friday if you are reading this please let me know you are love to connect with nice people,love gina


Mary Vogel Lozinak said...

Hi Gina-I understand what you just wrote. I felt that way for years. THEN!! I joined the local art league. There are art leagues, community art centers all over the country. Try to find one in your area. You'll find people who "get" what you're doing, you'll get feedback on your work and the opportunity to show your work to the community. You'll probably even find some friends right in your area. Keep on making art! That's the most important thing. I just found you on Stumble something-not even sure how I got there and just requested your friendship on facebook. Look me up over there-I'm on all the time. I've been working at my art now for several years and paying my bills with it. Took a long time but I'm finally getting to where I always wanted to be-happily supporting myself doing what I love. By the way- I just read your page, others may be too and just not leaving a comment.

Mary Vogel Lozinak
-check out ETSY-it's a cheap and busy place to sell your art-to the world

jasperandblue said...

Ha i write with 2 fingers too. My kids make so much fun of me. i do understand how you feel. I fell that way too a lot. Im mot sure what I'm doing and often expect people top say; why are you wasting your time if you are not going to sell it and who would buy it anyway gahhhh
keep plodding on though.