Sunday, August 22, 2010

summers almost over

i like fall .The sunny crisp clean smelling air is wonderful.reds ,oranges and greens against the blue skies are a sight to is time for me to think about getting more decorations for the home.i got rid of almost all my old christmas stuff.i want to make beautiful ornaments  and decorations.i love christmas ,the shopping not so much.i hope anthony can hold onto his consruction we never know when the job ends and we are back to unemployment.oh lord please guide me to the right opportunities for my art to be sold or a book to be written or a craft show to dreams are out there now the making them come true part.stay tuned .here are my fabric flowers i made.i collected beautiful crystal buttons from prom dresses at the thrift store.i just cut 3 inch strips  24 inches long. folded  length wise ,gathered  with long stiches on the sewing machine.glued buttons on put on a button back glue magnet to back put on the fridge.or put a pin back on it and wear it on your coat or purse.

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