Monday, November 8, 2010

cool2 craft was awsome this morning

i gave these flowers to my friend and art teacher suzi blu.i will be gving the earings to  someone too at some point .i like to give and recieve art from people.i have 100 atcs to trade just let me know

Friday, November 5, 2010

my gift from my husband on his birthday

i got me a new computer a hptouch smart 310 .i can not wait to have  live video i can make now.i have a biult in mic ann camera .and so much more the girl at best buy was a dream ,she was beautiful and kind and helpful it was a good experience.she liked my painted art on my shirt .she told me this would be a great pc for my art needs we shall see  here is some nature pics from spring 10

Saturday, October 30, 2010

ginas art work2005 -2010

what did i make yesterday ?

                                         i painted 4 white and 1black t shirts
                                         i put macy perfume samples in my hand made art journal
my atcs i have over 100 now
i have been taking pictures every day of my art and crafts .i can finally see what im doing.all these years i have been making art and putting it away for my book .well now i can see on my pc what i am making  my art diary so to speak so here it is the week of the 25th of cotober 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

53 more atcs to finish

                                          i gold foiled orange paper from top layer of matboard.
                                           cut and glued free hand cut petals and leaves. this is another journal cover
                                               a zentangled egg with black sharpie
                                               my palm landscape i lik to paint scenes like this
                                       anthony took me to ben franklins and michaels.this is  my little turkey kaliedoscope
                                       i got a robert simmons paint brush for 2.99 and 100 bags for my atcs to go in
                                              this is my water can for painting .covered with my favorite scrapbooking
                                              paper.i have a magnet on the back .below are my magnet boards i have to design magnets for them

                                         we are supposed to make faces egg shaped i used a round cream cheese lid for my face  i like the way she turned out
                                          i won a paper collection from alesia fowler  and a bracelet from candace from utah  on cool 2 lucky week
 these are some of my many atcs ready to mail out as soon as i find friends to send them too
i started a couple months ago making artists trading cards so far i have only had 2 trades and a few i have mailed to my friends online suzi blu and maria nerius.i also sent some to a mini book artist i love laura denison ,her sweet daughter has been sick .i want to share my little works of art .they are fun to do but are time consuming because i cut a bunch at one i have a hundred or so now.53 left  to paint i do front and backs . my own deck of cards .oh that just gave me a great idea i can make decks of cards print them on im happy to see people are coming to visit me here i hope to make this a fun community where we can share together what we like to do .any ideas?here is what i did this week. love gina  i want to tade with any one who wants to .just leave me your address ok

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 posts in one day i have been busy

                                         i love the rainbow colors so much i can only get it with these cds or crystals or if i look at the tops of the grass blades on a  cool morning in the sun..color is what makes me want to paint.
                                              this is my bracelet for halloween i won on cool 2 craft.
                                                    i am making more atcs
i was on cool 2 craft pj party and said i would post my box painting ,i won a bracelet from candace and i painted the box she sent it it is

i want my art out of the closet

years ago  bob ross had a lady friend i think her name was annette kawalski not sure if its correct.she did a beautiful oil flower hanging in a basket painting .of course i tried to do is still in a closet im sure.she said bob was trying to get her art out of the closet.she did and i am happy she inspired if i can do that for any one else and help them im in .so i want to do a book or art on tv.the only thing is i have no credentials.i am a stay at home mom .living in a small city ;lake stevens .no one ever hears of  this city.
                                               this made my day having my art shown by maria
                                             my practice for suzis proud i am learning more drawing
                                           i bought 5 t shirts at kohls .on sale 5.80 each.i am doing one stroke on some with my crystals in the center
                                             finished art
                                           step 1 tulip fabric in green then acrylics galerias by winsor and newton,donna uses folk art so do i. i use all paints.
                                          step 2add leaves ,and you are done
                                              do a back ground with blue and white mixed .this is mat board dab brown and green on bottom
 paint cross. add colors for trees and rocks.liner brush for birds churches in back with a small flat brush .below are some atcs , maria hope i get to have my atcs shown on creative living .
.i have alot to share and say.i just have never taken the time to write proffesionally .i type with my two index fingers.dr.wayne dyer uses pen and ink maybe i should too.what i want is some thing tangable to say to my self gina it was all worth it, you went for your dreams and here it is.that bieng said many people write many books it is not a dream they make hardly any money so why should i bother.i go to the library and all the painting books are gone i want something i like .so i want my art on the there im getting it out of the  closet and ito the pages .

Monday, October 25, 2010

dvd art

                                         i am crafting with cds and dvds they seperate into 2 layers
                                       here i rubber stamped and gold embossed ont them  for an ornament
                                              trying to make a jewelery design cross neclace
                                           i cut and pieced a bird with aleenes tacky glue 
                              i made this pumpkin right along with andrea currie on her craftastic live show tuesday night 7 pm

Friday, October 22, 2010

every picture tells a story

                                               mark spaces for hole with black sharpie
                                           sew with strong thread
                                                glue matboard to front and back

 deacorate front  with stencils  or decoupage papers or like me draw on cds with sharpies
                                                 i like dimensional pastes for my stencils
i have spent so many years working hard on making my art,i enjoy it so much .i do not do it for the money just the love of the arts so im not under any pressure ,i do how ever want to make my living at it and write a book so i am finally documenting it,i want to write an art /life book .i saw one of winston churchills  at my library and i wanted to make mine like that.i am not famous at all like he was but do feel i could help people in some ways with my story and work ,love gina.i made an art journal today i started at 9:45 am and finshed at is made with matboard and white cardstock paper from walmart.its only 5.48 for 150 sheets.i took step by step photos.its not perfect i would get a c if i were in school .i am happy with it any ways.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a wise doctor

    when i was 12 and asked jesus into my heart i asked him to guide me through  my life to do the right things. l.i have prayed  to him every since.i have been through many hardships and have been poor and yet i still believe i am rich because my gifts of art comes to me when i am was not until i was still  and by myself  at night when everyone was asleep that it would come to me this burning desire to create art/i love listening to deepak and eckhart.i want to use my gifts to serve others i do not know how that will work when i am home  all the time.we shall see.

ginas fall photography

october 19th last year i was in the  hospital very sick .thank god i get to recover from the  illness .it came out of no where as it always does,no stopping it.i am happy to say i am  doing very well now..i am enjoying my social networking friends in the art and craft is where i feel the best.i love my connections with mother nature ,here are a couple lake stevens fall trees