Tuesday, July 21, 2009

art ramblings

i dont know why i cant upload video ive tried so many times i give up for now.so mom got her lap top we all pitched in .her 69th birthday is thursday.they are suppose to be moving soon accross the street.she is using a walker so cant drive yet.my ankles swell just like hers.i need to get up and get some water .i am watercolor painting .its hot .got the fan on .i want to get an income with all the art i make .im sure its not gonna get me rich but at least i will feel its worth all the time i take to paint pretty art.so many artists dont even try and sell alot .its my turn to get a chance to thrive.now how to get it from here to there.submit to a magazine hmm,face book is cool i see the old creative living family there on blog talk radio .cant wait for art and craft shows again.