Friday, July 10, 2009

any one out there i am lonely in my art space

i crave some art buddys.i am home in the family room loving that i can paint all day if i want.the only set back is im not marketing my art life at all.i read other blogs where they are teaching online classes .i dont know which route to take to make art a career.i have been at it for 14 years painting and crafing for years it is in my dna to make art.the problem is i cant make any income by staying home making art and not selling it.i did not start out thinking about money just a passion for painting.i get advice from artists there are many books on how to get into galleries and art shows but i dont want to do the business part of selling .no one does .i dont know if i can give up before starting to sell.i have been struggling for many years .why paint when it just makes a mess and adds up to art that sits in the that im 50 i think its high time to slow down the making and speed up themarketing of my self.i need to get intothe art guilds that make me feel i belong to an artists is vey isolating,i see myself having an art studio where my art is for sale and people can watch me paint.if i can get my self esteem and weight in check it will help.i dont like what i see in the mirror so i hide behind my the canvas.i know god has given me this passion.with his help i will become the great artist he wants me to be.i pray all the time for him to help open doors for me .to heal my body so i can get out more.i want to help my sons and my husband .i have not made any of my own money.anthony has taken good care of me for 20 years.its time for me to make it happenso now what do i do?.sell online-get published - get a show-go to a gallery- write a book with my art all over it.tell my story autobiography.has my life been interesting enough to get any one to read it.i think all is possible.i can do all things through christ who stregthens me.i want to be the change i want to see in the world .i wont let all the bad things in my life stop me.i will move forward until god brings me home.i went to the dollar store today got cheap frames to put mycard stock paintings in.thay will look better than just sitting in the is my art enjoy gina