Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th of july

i am home .anthony went and got a crab was so crowded so he came home.its 80 degrees.i like 65 .i love the sun but not the heat .we may get chineese my favorite if i give him what he wants.22 years of marriage and we still bribe,if we want our way.i want to see the fire works but the ride out takes for ever so we will see them out the front yard .bobbys at work at albertsons.he got employee of the month.just like in school he got student of the month.what a great young man he is.brandon is living in an abandoned house with colton nick his friend is hiding from police.he got ripped off of 1300.00.brandon had to call police to get himself off the hook he wont get a fuul time job so he cant afford his own place.we cant get it through to him.i love him so much but want a better life for him.welli will get back to painting im going to try to make this interesting my life is boring but great.its why i make my art to liven it up
i love to paint every day it fulfills my life .