Friday, December 4, 2009

i love life

i love today and i love my life .i spend alot of it making art..and as a mom and wife and sister and daughter i feel ive done well.i want to be better in allareas.i try to be kind .i speak my mind as we all must is christmas time i have not decorated much.i have some more shopping to do .i love seeing family at my sisters house.i pray for my health to improve and that i wont be stuck with the huge hospital bill that is on its way.i need to become a seller if i dont want to end up going to work at a place i do not want to be,its been 15 years of  creating paintings they must get out and be sold or given to .if anyone reads this i would love to get a comment  its lonely as a woman who stays home way to your life and i hope to talk to you soon love gina

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