Friday, September 11, 2009

september eleven remembered

hello its 911 today it is so bad of a day to remember so i want something exellent to happen on this day from now on.we must not let that ever happen lets make some good news for once on 911 like open up an art center for the people who are still alive and trying to do should be a day where all arts are supported,where mom artists can get grants to open up our home studios, to get everyone who loves beauty to come together and have a world wide art sale, think out side the box .911 is an enmergency so is the mental health system.we as a society are so ignoring the people who fall through the the bipolar world.i have never been able to have a psychiatrist or a therapist or even my help me deal with my illness.they can give us a pill and ignore the problems.same with physical disabilities .i can barely walk to the bathroom when i wake up,for 12 years ive suffered extreme pain from chronic arthritis.not one pill has ever helped .i do not have a dr.who will help.he gives me many pills and that is all he whole life i have feared death. not many days go by when i dont think about how lucky i am to be alive.i also know renoir suffered like i did and so did vangough.renoir had rumatoid arthritis so bad he painted in his wheel chair till the end.vincent i can totally relate to.i have been to more hospitals than most.mania is so horrific to indure.i love life so much that i would never do like many with ths illness do.that is first boyfriend killed himself.he was an my dad is,he beat me several times when i was 17 years took me 3 years to get him away.i would not be here today if i stuck around im sure of it.sono matter how bad life gets there is always paper and a brush and beauty all around us that god gave us to enjoy so i will make the most of my life and hopefully get well enough to enjoy bliss.we all deserve a life worth living so ill try to do my small part and paint what god helps me to do love gina god bless the whole world and bring us all together through my passion of the arts gina badeaux9/11/2009

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