Saturday, July 11, 2009

yeah! its sunny out

it is saturday the 11th.terri and mom will have a birthday soon the 16th and 23rd hmm.what will i get them i better get busy .i think everyone is going to pitch in for a lap top for mom.sure wish i had my own money i have needed a job for 10 years i just kept painting in stead.if i had worked i would have disablilty now but bieng a mom housewife and artist doesnt pay me a thing.if uncle sam was aunty sam i believe i would get paid well for my work .god will give me my pay in heaven so not to worry i am happt he gave me a brain that works well when its not bipolar manic .it has been 30 years since that fateful day i got sent to belleveue hospital with a horrible nightmare.i lost my mind.full blown mania out of the blue.i was young happy ,and 2 months later depressed and fat.went in at 126 came out at 150 now 30 years later almost#$#@#$$#@$pounds.i have arthritsi ,highblood pressure ,diabetes,high cholesterol,i have no mental health help .i have a looming hospital bill from stevens hospital my first manic episode in 18 years ,i stopped the we actually have money in the bank for the first time in our marriage of 22 years and i cant go shopping for clothes .we dont know when the bill will come.anthony wont let me call them he thinks ignoroing it is best.i want to be a famous artist so i can get a life .i have been given this passion for art.i get for the life of me get my butt in the art market.god please give me the gift now of going to did dr.suess and disney get started.hmm i should look it up.i ramble on with this blog .no one ever reads my blog so we are good for now.its my diary of sorts.i want to make a book one day with my art and biography so this is my attempt to wrtie .i love the artist sizi blu she started in jersey, went to virginia, now in san diego .i have been folowing her art life and sure wish her all the sucsess in the world.i love miley cyrus,alan jackson ,taylor swift ,george strait ,rod stewart .and now that michael jackson passed ive enjoyed his music too.grpwing up i want ed to be a musisian oh my lord i dont know how to spell that word.musitian musician .i need college,art college.i wanted to be an actress,i rocked in drama and speech in high and delores my bff used to sing donny osmond in front of our parents.puppy love papaer roses..well anthony is at kyak point hopefully catching me some crab yum.i am watching pbs sewing shows.i never sew but would if i wasnt in paint all the time.bye bye .i cant upload my videos ....another thing i have to learn .

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Janine said...

Geez Gina you sound a lot like me! Except for hospital bill Thank God! Hang in there girl!