Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hi .it is tuesday i am making birthday cards for my sister and mom .dont know when ill se them mom had back surgery and terri is always doing great things for her girls.i am always home ready for the next big thing.i will learn how to write a book .tammie my wonderful sister wrote her book.i should ask her how.what would i write,how would i write it to where i could inspire or help my fellow artist .i waqnt to have a rags to riches story but no riches are to be found ,or are they hmm if only the house of art could find a buyer.im a dreamer.anthony said it the other day i said bobbys rich he has over 4,ooo dollars we have 10 but stevens hospital will take it we are sure its been over a year and they havent sent the final bill we are holding on to hope .they will send it im sure and i will be blamed for going off my medicine for 4 years,i shouldnt think im healed i guess.well im on tegretol now and 3 other meds.if i could get skinny i wouldnt need 2 of them.god help me im gonna be 50 next month and i want to get a chance to be a grandma and pro artist,i hope i can get healthy to go on.well thats whats on my mind today love gina

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