Monday, July 13, 2009

happy monday

i have been on face book lately twitter is kinda boring .i like to see what people are doing in there lives.mine is kina boring lately.saturday we went to mukeltio anthony tried to catch crab ,none yet.he has been 3 times ,i know now why he wants to go back home to new orleans ,he is a fisherma where there are no fish.growing up in LA.he always got tons of shrimp catfish crab.up here in washington there is a friggen law for every time you make a move.licenses are $$$$ to much.evry thing is so expensive.thank god i like 2nd hand .but really im not as into them these days .i want new .well i hope to get out this week to see mom and terri mom 69 terri 52 i think ill be the big 50 next month wow,that does feel old when i think in 20 years ill be 70.i better get on living good huh.i am in pain all the time .painting for pain relief hmm wonder where the pain in painting is.i believe god knew i would suffer art thritis and gave me the passion to create to ease the pain .when your mind is so busy making art you do get away from the pain .well gotta take my daily shower it is what makes me happy .poor brandon he wont get a full time job ,and nick ripped him off 1600,00 .he let him write a bad check in his name how crazy .we all make mistakes i hope he can recover the money .wish i could sell art to help him but not yet .gotta get better at painting .i took my paints to mukeltio sat,i had kids coming over to paint and color i like to do that .bye bye

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