Friday, December 4, 2009

i love life

i love today and i love my life .i spend alot of it making art..and as a mom and wife and sister and daughter i feel ive done well.i want to be better in allareas.i try to be kind .i speak my mind as we all must is christmas time i have not decorated much.i have some more shopping to do .i love seeing family at my sisters house.i pray for my health to improve and that i wont be stuck with the huge hospital bill that is on its way.i need to become a seller if i dont want to end up going to work at a place i do not want to be,its been 15 years of  creating paintings they must get out and be sold or given to .if anyone reads this i would love to get a comment  its lonely as a woman who stays home way to your life and i hope to talk to you soon love gina

Saturday, November 14, 2009

art for sale by gina badeaux,take a look around and if you want an original on acid free card stock this is your place you can frame the 81/2x11 paintings .my prices are low for now this is the time to start collecting my work love gina

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
i am well again got a little sick in the brain again .waiting for the state to help me if not i have to help myself like always sure hope things turn around for the good of my family we need a financial turn around that i can do.sell paintings will be a great start.i need to get frames and do a show for starters .hope i can do that.i need cashola first.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

is it too late for a career?

is it too late for me?i dont think ill ever go to colege.i have trained for art all my life i have created a craft or art.from36-50 i have been teaching my self by tv books and practice.every day i go to the studio/family room.i treat my life as it is my job.i take care of my husband and my grown boys still need mom just a passion is painting and book making and fabric and paper and wood.

Monday, October 5, 2009

ginas pictures and art

i love to make art and want to love selling it .how in  the heck does one learn where to go with all the hard work.more hard work getting it out to the world to see.wish i had the oprah factor wait a minute i do .i can do all things through christ who strengthens me just like there

Friday, October 2, 2009

we went to the mall and got a chess set .anthony needs something to do that is fun .he beat me 2 times.i can not believe it ,i made a painting chris likes and i think anthony threw it away .he said hed pay 100.00 .that would be my first sale. of a painting.i dug through a bunch of art and couldnt find it.why  cant i figure out how to sell un framed art .i need to paint something that dont need to be framed,i know       a book,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i could listen all day long to people who care about art and artists.i started out just painting and as the 14 years have gone by i am also interested in the people who love art as well. the video above was very fun to listen to.i have many 16x 20 mat boards to paint on i need to find out how to get a grant to be a ble to frame them

Monday, September 14, 2009 im finding out ive been a busy artist i have my work that i dont even remember posting here is some more .please enjoy iy i sure did enjoy creating it love gina

Saturday, September 12, 2009

this painting is for sale it is 100.00 dollars .it is acrylic on  mat board .it will need to be framed
email me for details if you want is 18x20

Friday, September 11, 2009
go to ginasart there will be many ways to see my paintings enjoy the trip

september eleven remembered

hello its 911 today it is so bad of a day to remember so i want something exellent to happen on this day from now on.we must not let that ever happen lets make some good news for once on 911 like open up an art center for the people who are still alive and trying to do should be a day where all arts are supported,where mom artists can get grants to open up our home studios, to get everyone who loves beauty to come together and have a world wide art sale, think out side the box .911 is an enmergency so is the mental health system.we as a society are so ignoring the people who fall through the the bipolar world.i have never been able to have a psychiatrist or a therapist or even my help me deal with my illness.they can give us a pill and ignore the problems.same with physical disabilities .i can barely walk to the bathroom when i wake up,for 12 years ive suffered extreme pain from chronic arthritis.not one pill has ever helped .i do not have a dr.who will help.he gives me many pills and that is all he whole life i have feared death. not many days go by when i dont think about how lucky i am to be alive.i also know renoir suffered like i did and so did vangough.renoir had rumatoid arthritis so bad he painted in his wheel chair till the end.vincent i can totally relate to.i have been to more hospitals than most.mania is so horrific to indure.i love life so much that i would never do like many with ths illness do.that is first boyfriend killed himself.he was an my dad is,he beat me several times when i was 17 years took me 3 years to get him away.i would not be here today if i stuck around im sure of it.sono matter how bad life gets there is always paper and a brush and beauty all around us that god gave us to enjoy so i will make the most of my life and hopefully get well enough to enjoy bliss.we all deserve a life worth living so ill try to do my small part and paint what god helps me to do love gina god bless the whole world and bring us all together through my passion of the arts gina badeaux9/11/2009

Friday, August 28, 2009


it was my 50th birthday glad to have made it this far.i hope and pray i get better and skinnier in the coming years.i have struggled with wieght a long time.i want to get out and feel good like when i was 19.well at least try.i had a great dinner at came and it was funthe waiters came and sang happy birthday.i sent pictures out thru th email so every one got pics.i love facebook .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 make aa place wher all day and night we will be inspired ,learning art is my favorite passtime.

Friday, August 14, 2009

gina loves roses

i love all things roses,i paint them ,make them from wax,bread dough,crepe paper,velvet .i think i may start crafting more and a bit less painting.i want to design santas and snowmen like my fav artists jamie mills price and helen nicholsen

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hi its late july and the hottest week on record im so sweaty .yuk .i want to go where it can be sunny yet cool lord send me there pleeeaaaassseee.let my art be an inspiration to is colorful it is meant to be beautiful and up lifting.i know god gave the gift to create to all of us,i hope to leave a legacyto my children arent all that into moms art.boys dont gravitate to my style.but bobbys drawings far succeed mine ,i hope he gets the appreciation he deserves.we need anthony or some one trust worthy like him to be our agent .well the truth is i am the only one who can take the steps to make it as an artist professionally.i have no background or schooling so it will be a rough road unless i just get the rich and famous to fall in love with my art oh lord send them my way .or send me their way.thats what warhol said and i believe him.if i acted like i did right before 1980 i would have many people loving and buying my work.i was so full of confidence,i could make friends easily.that was 19 ,now at 50 with all the life i learned ,raising 2 i am a different woman.i isolated my self thanks to living in a city with not one fun thing to sucks to be poor for the reason we got ripped off from the government.we bought a house that i dont know if it will ever sell.we have never liked it.we got a deal on cheap mortgage but when we paid it all back we now owe what started as a loan for 119,950.00 in 1995 now 2009 we refinanced cuz they said we made to much money 70,000 last year. the first good year farm home made us pay it back now we owe 179,ooo.o0.1,3oo a month its tough cuz we just had 7 months of lay health is is disaray from bieng fat,both knees are in so much pain it hurts to exersise.i have to get a pool.i have to get a job in the art world i also have to get peace with who i am and feel good about the life i with bi polar has been an ongoing struggle. inside i want to be kind good hearted and giving but i also want so much more than what life is giving as i do more rambling here are some art works to help show im not all that bad

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

art ramblings

i dont know why i cant upload video ive tried so many times i give up for mom got her lap top we all pitched in .her 69th birthday is thursday.they are suppose to be moving soon accross the street.she is using a walker so cant drive ankles swell just like hers.i need to get up and get some water .i am watercolor painting .its hot .got the fan on .i want to get an income with all the art i make .im sure its not gonna get me rich but at least i will feel its worth all the time i take to paint pretty many artists dont even try and sell alot .its my turn to get a chance to how to get it from here to there.submit to a magazine hmm,face book is cool i see the old creative living family there on blog talk radio .cant wait for art and craft shows again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hi .it is tuesday i am making birthday cards for my sister and mom .dont know when ill se them mom had back surgery and terri is always doing great things for her girls.i am always home ready for the next big thing.i will learn how to write a book .tammie my wonderful sister wrote her book.i should ask her how.what would i write,how would i write it to where i could inspire or help my fellow artist .i waqnt to have a rags to riches story but no riches are to be found ,or are they hmm if only the house of art could find a a dreamer.anthony said it the other day i said bobbys rich he has over 4,ooo dollars we have 10 but stevens hospital will take it we are sure its been over a year and they havent sent the final bill we are holding on to hope .they will send it im sure and i will be blamed for going off my medicine for 4 years,i shouldnt think im healed i guess.well im on tegretol now and 3 other meds.if i could get skinny i wouldnt need 2 of them.god help me im gonna be 50 next month and i want to get a chance to be a grandma and pro artist,i hope i can get healthy to go on.well thats whats on my mind today love gina

Monday, July 13, 2009

happy monday

i have been on face book lately twitter is kinda boring .i like to see what people are doing in there lives.mine is kina boring lately.saturday we went to mukeltio anthony tried to catch crab ,none yet.he has been 3 times ,i know now why he wants to go back home to new orleans ,he is a fisherma where there are no fish.growing up in LA.he always got tons of shrimp catfish crab.up here in washington there is a friggen law for every time you make a move.licenses are $$$$ to much.evry thing is so expensive.thank god i like 2nd hand .but really im not as into them these days .i want new .well i hope to get out this week to see mom and terri mom 69 terri 52 i think ill be the big 50 next month wow,that does feel old when i think in 20 years ill be 70.i better get on living good huh.i am in pain all the time .painting for pain relief hmm wonder where the pain in painting is.i believe god knew i would suffer art thritis and gave me the passion to create to ease the pain .when your mind is so busy making art you do get away from the pain .well gotta take my daily shower it is what makes me happy .poor brandon he wont get a full time job ,and nick ripped him off 1600,00 .he let him write a bad check in his name how crazy .we all make mistakes i hope he can recover the money .wish i could sell art to help him but not yet .gotta get better at painting .i took my paints to mukeltio sat,i had kids coming over to paint and color i like to do that .bye bye

Saturday, July 11, 2009

yeah! its sunny out

it is saturday the 11th.terri and mom will have a birthday soon the 16th and 23rd hmm.what will i get them i better get busy .i think everyone is going to pitch in for a lap top for mom.sure wish i had my own money i have needed a job for 10 years i just kept painting in stead.if i had worked i would have disablilty now but bieng a mom housewife and artist doesnt pay me a thing.if uncle sam was aunty sam i believe i would get paid well for my work .god will give me my pay in heaven so not to worry i am happt he gave me a brain that works well when its not bipolar manic .it has been 30 years since that fateful day i got sent to belleveue hospital with a horrible nightmare.i lost my mind.full blown mania out of the blue.i was young happy ,and 2 months later depressed and fat.went in at 126 came out at 150 now 30 years later almost#$#@#$$#@$pounds.i have arthritsi ,highblood pressure ,diabetes,high cholesterol,i have no mental health help .i have a looming hospital bill from stevens hospital my first manic episode in 18 years ,i stopped the we actually have money in the bank for the first time in our marriage of 22 years and i cant go shopping for clothes .we dont know when the bill will come.anthony wont let me call them he thinks ignoroing it is best.i want to be a famous artist so i can get a life .i have been given this passion for art.i get for the life of me get my butt in the art market.god please give me the gift now of going to did dr.suess and disney get started.hmm i should look it up.i ramble on with this blog .no one ever reads my blog so we are good for now.its my diary of sorts.i want to make a book one day with my art and biography so this is my attempt to wrtie .i love the artist sizi blu she started in jersey, went to virginia, now in san diego .i have been folowing her art life and sure wish her all the sucsess in the world.i love miley cyrus,alan jackson ,taylor swift ,george strait ,rod stewart .and now that michael jackson passed ive enjoyed his music too.grpwing up i want ed to be a musisian oh my lord i dont know how to spell that word.musitian musician .i need college,art college.i wanted to be an actress,i rocked in drama and speech in high and delores my bff used to sing donny osmond in front of our parents.puppy love papaer roses..well anthony is at kyak point hopefully catching me some crab yum.i am watching pbs sewing shows.i never sew but would if i wasnt in paint all the time.bye bye .i cant upload my videos ....another thing i have to learn .

Friday, July 10, 2009

any one out there i am lonely in my art space

i crave some art buddys.i am home in the family room loving that i can paint all day if i want.the only set back is im not marketing my art life at all.i read other blogs where they are teaching online classes .i dont know which route to take to make art a career.i have been at it for 14 years painting and crafing for years it is in my dna to make art.the problem is i cant make any income by staying home making art and not selling it.i did not start out thinking about money just a passion for painting.i get advice from artists there are many books on how to get into galleries and art shows but i dont want to do the business part of selling .no one does .i dont know if i can give up before starting to sell.i have been struggling for many years .why paint when it just makes a mess and adds up to art that sits in the that im 50 i think its high time to slow down the making and speed up themarketing of my self.i need to get intothe art guilds that make me feel i belong to an artists is vey isolating,i see myself having an art studio where my art is for sale and people can watch me paint.if i can get my self esteem and weight in check it will help.i dont like what i see in the mirror so i hide behind my the canvas.i know god has given me this passion.with his help i will become the great artist he wants me to be.i pray all the time for him to help open doors for me .to heal my body so i can get out more.i want to help my sons and my husband .i have not made any of my own money.anthony has taken good care of me for 20 years.its time for me to make it happenso now what do i do?.sell online-get published - get a show-go to a gallery- write a book with my art all over it.tell my story autobiography.has my life been interesting enough to get any one to read it.i think all is possible.i can do all things through christ who stregthens me.i want to be the change i want to see in the world .i wont let all the bad things in my life stop me.i will move forward until god brings me home.i went to the dollar store today got cheap frames to put mycard stock paintings in.thay will look better than just sitting in the is my art enjoy gina

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

as an artist i am sad to say goobye to mj

i watched the memorial all day .great music and paris the daughter of michael jackson made him a special father.she made me cry .god rest your soul.i couldnt walk with out pain in both knees .i hate arthritis pain.renoir had it he was in a wheel chair and still painted wonderful work.i pray god heals me.and my mother .life is such a gift but,in pain it clouds the for art thritis

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th of july

i am home .anthony went and got a crab was so crowded so he came home.its 80 degrees.i like 65 .i love the sun but not the heat .we may get chineese my favorite if i give him what he wants.22 years of marriage and we still bribe,if we want our way.i want to see the fire works but the ride out takes for ever so we will see them out the front yard .bobbys at work at albertsons.he got employee of the month.just like in school he got student of the month.what a great young man he is.brandon is living in an abandoned house with colton nick his friend is hiding from police.he got ripped off of 1300.00.brandon had to call police to get himself off the hook he wont get a fuul time job so he cant afford his own place.we cant get it through to him.i love him so much but want a better life for him.welli will get back to painting im going to try to make this interesting my life is boring but great.its why i make my art to liven it up
i love to paint every day it fulfills my life .